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Senior Beacon offers a wide array of advertising opportunities, allowing your business to target one of the fastest grown demographics in the nation. Advertisements can be classifieds, black-and-white or color ads, and can range in size from a 2.5 inch square all the way up to a full page ad.

Advertising Rates

Advertise With Us Securely Through Paypal 



Letter from the Publisher

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Advertising Rates





Advertise With Us Securely Through Paypal 

Want to advertise using a credit card? Now you can through Paypal!

Step 1: Go to Paypal.com

Step 2: Click "Make a Payment"

Step 3: Fill out the following information - your email address, Senior Beacon's email address, the country, and the amount - and then click "Continue"

Step 4: Login to your PayPal account or click "Sign Up" to register. It is FREE to register a PayPal account, and your funds will be secure.



Space Reservation: 18th of the month

Artwork: 21st of the month  



Locations to Pick Up Senior Beacon (subject to change)

We have over 100 locations throughout Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Colorado Springs, and southeastern Colorado



  • Albertsons

  • Alterra-Wynwood

  • Azteca Apartments

  • Belmont Lodge

  • Best Western

  • Big “R” Store

  • Cactus Flower

  • Captain D’s Restaurant

  • Centura Health

  • China Lantern Restaurant

  • City Diner

  • Coronado Motel

  • Country Kitchen

  • Daylight Donuts

  • Days Inn

  • Econo Lodge

  • Elmwood Golf Course

  • Extended Care Center

  • Golden Corral

  • Grocery Warehouse

  • Hampton Inn

  • J.R.’s Country Store

  • J.R.’s Fuel Stop

  • King Soopers (South)

  • K-Mart (North and South)

  • Little Caesar’s

  • Marriott Hotel

  • Mesa Tower

  • Microtel (South)

  • Mineral Palace Hi-Rise

  • Motel 6

  • Parkview Annex

  • Parkview Medical Center

  • Pass Key

  • Patti’s Restaurant

  • Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

  • Pueblo Memorial Airport

  • Pueblo Motel

  • Pueblo Regent Retirement Center

  • Quality Inn

  • Rocky Mountain Eye Center

  • Safeway (29th St., South, East)

  • Senior Resource and Development Agency (SRDA)

  • Southwest Grill

  • St. Mary-Corwin Hospital (North Annex)

  • Sunny’s Donuts

  • Super 8 Motel (Both Locations)

  • University Park Care Center

  • Urgent Care

  • VA Home

  • Villa Pueblo

  • Villager Inn

  • Walkingstick Golf Course

  • Westwind Campus of Care

  • Wingate


Pueblo West

  • Chico’s

  • Comfort Inn

  • Deli Dave’s

  • Desert Hawk Golf Course

  • Legacy Bank

  • Little Caesar’s

  • Pueblo West Hardware

  • Pueblo West Post Office

  • Solid Ground

  • The General Store

  • Trailer Park

Canon City

  • City Market

  • Golden Age Center

  • Hastings

  • Hilltop Grocery

  • Oddfellow’s Tower

  • Quik-Way

  • Safeway

  • U Pump It


  • Handimart

  • Penrose Senior Center

  • Quik-Way


  • Big D Grocery

  • Florence Shoppette

  • Quik-Way

Colorado City/Rye

  • Post Office

Colorado Springs

  • Albertson's

  • Golden Corral

  • Senior Center

  • Walmart

  • King Soopers

  • Arc Thrift Store

  • Silver Key



Letter from the Publisher

TO: All Potential Advertisers!!!!

FROM: James R. Grasso, Beacon Publishing

RE: Advertising in Senior Beacon

DATE: January 1, 2017


That is the kind of coverage you can expect when you place a monthly ad in Senior Beacon.

The Senior Community of Southern Colorado was introduced to Senior Beacon in August of 1982, and we have been printing every month since then without interruption. That is 330 consecutive months of travel, finance, health, humor, scam alerts, and news related to the Senior Community of Southern Colorado.

We reach as far south as Raton, New Mexico, as far north as Pinon, Colorado, as far west as Salida, and as far east as La Junta with our main distribution in Pueblo and Fremont counties. We are also in the eastern Arkansas Valley with distribution spots and local advertising throughout that area. We are happy with this increase in circulation and readership to the Arkansas Valley.

If you want to reach 75 and more percent of the active Seniors in Southern Colorado, then you need to be in their newspaper -- Senior Beacon. August of 2015 began our 34th year. It speaks volumes.

On the web: Check out our website...just another way for you to get your message out to the Senior Community.

Call us today, 719-647-1300!!

Personal To All Advertisers That Want To Reach The Senior Community!!!

As an incentive to any new advertiser, who should get a great benefit from our ever-expanding sphere of influence this year, we would like to extend to you the use of the 12 x rate to follow even if you plan not to run every month!!!!

If you have any questions about our plans to expand or any other questions concerning our publications, please call me at 719-647-1300, or call Jan McLaughlin Forman or Rick Forman at 719-275-6971 for rates and other pertinent information.

*Based on the monthly targeted-market newspaper industry standard of 2.3 pairs of eyes per printed newspaper at 11,000 per month.


See Your Business Or Organization On the Senior Beacon Website!

Would you like to see a link to your business or organization on every page of the Senior Beacon website, allowing your company to be seen by hundreds of viewers each month?

Only $60 for a full year of link advertisement! That's $5 a month!

You can provide us with your company's logo or ask us to create a link for you. You will find your link beneath the SeniorGuide link on the left of every page of the Senior Beacon website.

Call Jim Grasso today at 719-647-1300 and ask about our "Website Link Offer."

Don't miss this bargain chance to advertise your business or organization!!






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