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Editor's Opinion Editorial

From our November 2017 Senior Beacon

Observations From The Cave

If you look at the banner above youíll see "by James R. Grasso, Former Chief Cook and Bottle Washer." As one ages you become the former you almost every day. With age spots, whitening hair, balding pates, hair growing quickly on ear, face and nose plus the daily fumbling to find words, keys, glasses and the like just proves my point. Donít get me started about looking in the mirror. The best is the former athlete syndrome. You ever try to all out run? How about shooting jump shots or throwing a baseball a couple hundred feet like you could in the old days. I know, I know. Nowadays with all the working out that the senior community does like chair yoga, playing golf (talk about being former at something), tread mills and on and on, well, we are the boomers sprinkled in with the Greatest generation. Right?! Of course, it could all be just beans, er, I mean genes!


The golden years are only golden in the fact we were chosen to do something with our lives besides working, raising kids and hurdling lifeís hazards. The secret is to finding out why we are still here. There are many theories. There are a preponderance of ponderances on that subject. Some people say we older americans are living longer because of the advancements in medicine or the better diets we have or the fact that life in the United States isnít as hard as it is in other parts of the world. All those reasons are quite valid. Yet, I think we still yearn for a much better reason. A reason that is not only fulfilling but has a wonderful outcome.


Why do we think that? Are we special? Of course if we believe the above then a spiritual reason doesnít make sense. I mean if we believe that our time will come when it comes then all that stuff in the previous two paragraphs doesnít amount to a hill of beans.


So, therein lies the rub. If we are predestined it doesnít matter what we do to prolong our lives. Or maybe it does, so we are then chosen to live longer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Iím tying myself into a pretzel. Help!


There thatís better! As you all know life is hard and itís short. Go ahead, look back 50 years. Doesnít it seem like that first kiss with that girl in high school was just yesterday? "Honey, where in the heck did I leave that pen?" Um, as I was saying. Fifty years ago, donít you remember your mom calling you in from the ball field or your friendís house or that game of hide and seek with all the neighborhood kids? "Good grief, sweetheart do you remember that guyís name about cutting down the tree?" There I go again. I think we all live a yo-yo existence. Iíve said it before but that part in the Sinatra song "Thatís Life" sums up our lives so very well; "Iíve been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn and a king. Iíve been up and down and over and out but I know one thing..... each time I find myself lying flat on my face, I just pick myself up and get back in the race!!!!"


So that explains it. Old Blue Eyes was right. We are the people who God has chosen to keep here for however long and for whatever there is in store for us. Champions? Nope. Maybe He needs for us to do something mundane. Or something that isnít out of the ordinary. Maybe we are here to remember that He has always been with us. That He wants us to remember that before itís too late and we become so hardened that we refuse to change or heaven forbid we lose control of our remembrances all together. Ladies and gents, while we are here no matter what we have before us we must face it with His help knowingly that He is there for each of us if we have the right frame of mind to accept Him.


Are we pretzels or are we willing to throw our pride to the seas and join up with our better angels? So the next time we want to curse or blame our bad luck or speak about our neighbor in a hurtful manner, we should grab that thought, word or deed by the throat and embrace the Spirit of Light.


Believe me Iím no bible thumping human being. In fact, I have a visceral reaction when a person comes to the door with that know-it-all attitude because I/we have been around the block so many times we know every crack in the sidewalk. Yeah, maybe we havenít learned it all but weíre still here and we need to continue to use our wisdom of that sidewalk, not for our honor but His! No matter what!


Godspeed and good health to you and yours.


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