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Editor's Opinion Editorial

From our October 2017 Senior Beacon

Observations From The Cave

The Mad Hatter! Ah yes, Alice!


In my life Iíve probably owned more than 300 hats, many of which I still have. Of course, I donít have my 3 or 4 or 10 cowboy hats I had as a little boy emulating the Lone Ranger, John Wayne or Audie Murphy and all those wonderful role models boomers had in the 1950s and early 1960s mostly. I even have a couple polaroid pictures of me in my chaps and all. But when baseball became my driving force then ball caps/golf caps took over my life. I probably have 250 of them scattered around the garage, home and car. I loved them. Recently I have gathered a few fedoras. I donít look particularly suave in those but I like them as a change of pace. I even have a few, what we used to call beanies, maybe they still are.


Since February of 1982 though, Iíve worn the same 7-8 hats almost every day of my life. Sometimes at the same time or on the same day. What are you talking about, you ask? Well, in February of 1982 I became the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (a very old saying) of Senior Beacon. To save money, I did most everything to get the newspaper out for 428 consecutive months. I wonít name the jobs but I was master of none and did all I could to do what the jobs required.


As Iíve aged, the old body, well, the old body is doing what old bodies do, they get old! The mind is doing the same but the wisdom that comes with making too many mistakes but learning from them has brought me to this place in my life. I just canít wear 7-8 hats anymore.


Iíve known it for some time but have been too stubborn to do anything about it. This year though, when the ball dropped or the clock struck 12 am on January 1, 2017 I knew I had to quit wearing many of the hats that I had worn all those years. So I have done just that.


About the middle of September I passed most of the hats off to one Ron S. Phillips. If that name is familiar to you itís because he is a native Puebloan (Front Ranger) and financial adviser who has written a financial column for Senior Beacon for the past 8-10 years, perhaps longer. The name of his company is Beacon News Group d/b/a Senior Beacon. Most things are remaining the same. Iím still aboard. Why would I leave? Iíve gone from Chief Cook and Bottle Washer to Publisher Emeritus (love those Latin words) and also CCO (no, not coo-coo although I do relate) but Chief Consulting Officer. So Iíll be around for how long I know not.


So, instead of 7-8 hats Iím down to three, 1/2 hats. I still retain Beacon Publishing, LLC and all that entails which is much less than it used to entail. Iím also a bit of an editor and column writer and I have retained some of the distribution duties which is no small job in that we service over 150 distribution spots. Oh yeah, and under Beacon Publishing, LLC I am also a sales agent for Ron and his Senior Beacon.


I guess this is the part where I get sentimental and maybe shed a tear but you know I know life is hard enough for all of you. You donít need to hear about all the ups and downs of being a small business owner or all the folksie stories that have accumulated these past 35-plus years. Huge thanks to my wife Jeannie, Jan & Rick, Randy, Sue McCullough, Tim Acosta and Robin Lynn. My undying thanks to all whose prayers helped my daughter.


All I have to say is that without the grace of God Iíd have had nothing. How else do you explain an only child and then orphan at 25 from upstate New York with a college degree but not the smarts to us it, married and my wife seven months pregnant, pulling up stakes and moving to Colorado Springs where we knew no one, being able to carve out a life with that same wife and then three kids? How else do you explain that I am almost 69 and have published a successful and award-winning senior market newspaper all these years? Itís not that hard to understand though.


It really wasnít my doing. Iím a mistake maker. Iím impatient. I worry way too much. Yet somehow the Lord kept me afloat. It wasnít me ladies and gents. It was He. Still a Mad Hatter, but whoís Alice again?


Godspeed and good health to you and yours!


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