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Editor's Opinion Editorial

From our July 2017 Senior Beacon

Observations From The Cave

Last month I was changing a doctorís appointment because I had a conflict. As I talked with the doctorís assistant we got kind of lost in the weeds of the conversation because she had a calendar and I didnít and my mind wandered off on something she said. When we finally got back to the important part which was to re-schedule I said "is Monday the 17th on a Wednesday?" The worst part is neither one of us caught the mistake......... and when my wife, who was near me, heard it and repeated it I laughed and repeated it to the receptionist who politely kept on with her work and re-scheduled that appointment. Now thatís a real professional.


BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! "behappy4may@gmail.com" is a scam! One of my wonderful readers told a friend who needed a job that there was an ad in Senior Beacon in June that fit her skill set. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get involved with this email job scam. If you saw the ad and are in the middle of working with them please STOP IMMEDIATELY. Send them no money. Shut down all correspondence and walk away from the claims they make about salary and how they are moving to Pueblo. IT IS A SCAM!!! DA Chostner is looking into it!


I started this newspaper in February of 1982 and through 424 consecutive monthly issues I have never printed anything to do with a scam. I am angry and a bit embarrassed. So please everyone BEWARE. These scammers are everywhere and into everything.


They have no better angels it would seem. They arenít too bright either. They are trying to scam $2,000 or more from people who are trying to get $20-an-hour jobs in care giving. Why do they think these types of people would have $2,000 in their checking accounts in the first place? So, as always, please keep your eyes open and your senses aware and again stay away from all the "behappy4may@gmail.com" scammers in this world no matter where you find the information.


Our friend and almost monthly contributing writer Eileen Doherty, who is the Executive Director of the Colorado Gerontological Society, writes on page 21 of this issue that the Colorado legislature did not pare back or cut the Senior tax exemption for property taxes. Yipppee!


With the clock ticking in favor of Father Time, there will be a time when I no longer will be Publishing Senior Beacon. That said, there is something Iíd like to say to the evolution of this column and Senior Beacon in general. Iíve watched the media, which Senior Beacon is a part of in the vaguest definition of the word, become a cheering squad for all things on the Left of the political spectrum. There was a time that the New York Times and perhaps the Washington Post had standards. They, of course, were Leftists themselves. Of this there is no doubt. But the owners of those two opinion-makers had a fierce loyalty to fairness even leaning a little bit to the right so as to even the usual leftist pablum out a little bit. But now those folks have left the stage and the vast majority of journalists and newspapers, magazines, television news, websites and etc. (somewhere in the 82% to 18% range in the favor of the left) donít even try to hide their biases anymore. Perhaps itís why they are losing readers and followers at an alarming rate. It may even be the reason DJT won the election. Americans are a fair-minded lot and it is my opinion that if the media wasnít so arrogant and condescending toward candidate Trump and his followers HRC would have made history, my opinion of her notwithstanding. This arrogance and condescending permeates the entirety of the media. It is interwoven now in sports articles, cooking shows, well Iím starting to belabor the point. The point is they donít even try to hide it anymore. We no longer have a "fair" media. We have a media that is part of the Democrat Party apparatus.


I urge you to support the media you like. Notes, subscriptions or even donations (not asking for myself) helping those existing on a shoestring can only help to even out the landscape.




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