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Welcome to Senior Beacon!

We are so glad you could visit us! Senior Beacon is southeastern Colorado's own senior citizen newspaper based out of Pueblo West. It is a monthly publication, both in print and online, and has been running strong since August of 1982. We are both proud and humbled by our ability to reach out to the senior community.





Inside an issue of Senior Beacon, you will find everything people ages 50 and above should know. Whether it is senior community news, finance, health, fashion, travel, Social Security, or even spiritual reflections and film reviews, Senior Beacon has it all. 

Be our guest and find out more about what Senior Beacon has to offer by clicking here.


Senior Beacon is also a proud co-founder of the Never Alone Foundation, southeastern Colorado's nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping people with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Click here to discover more.






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